Taxes and Fees

How we collect fees
During the distribution phase of the Swych Token, there will be a sales and staking tax. This is to support the growth and development of the protocol as a whole. With the Swych Token tax structure, there is no buy tax.

Swych Token Taxes

Buy Tax: 0%
Sell Tax: 10% (Treasury)

Staking Fees

Staking Entry Fee: 0%
Staking Exit Fee: 3% (Burned)

ATB Fees

ATB Transfer Fee: 35% (Treasury)
ATB Transfer Fee (wallet with 0 Swych tokens): 0%
ATB 0% Tax transfers must be full token transfers; partial transfers are subject to a 35% fee. Check ATB FAQand Available Trading Balance (ATB)for more info.
With any transactions, you will pay gas and slippage fees separate from Swych taxes. Without these network fees, your transaction would fail. Check Taxes and Feesfor more info on what these fees are.
Last modified 5mo ago