Earn while you play

Dividends are an exciting addition to the Lottery, allowing players to gather passive income from their purchased tickets. Unlike traditional lotteries, we believe that your investment should still gather rewards while the lottery goes on.

The Dividend rewards come from new ticket purchases only, meaning if more people buy tickets, you can see a large increase in dividends, but if fewer people buy tickets, you will see fewer rewards. All dividend rewards are given in USDT.

How to get Dividends

To get dividends, you must purchase lottery tickets, with each ticket costing approximately $2 USDT. Your lottery ticket acts like an NFT, meaning you will get passive rewards if you have a lottery ticket in your wallet.

Dividend Distribution

The more lottery tickets you hold, the more rewards you will get. When purchasing a lottery ticket, 20% of the ticket cost goes to funding Dividends. This 20% is shared among all users who hold lottery tickets, and the more tickets you have, the more significant percentage of the share you get.

For example: If a user owns 20% of the tickets purchased in the lottery round, they will receive 20% of the dividends rewarded, and the other 80% is shared among the other players accordingly.

Collecting Rewards

You will start collecting dividends in the subsequent round when purchasing a lottery ticket. You can then collect the rewards from the lottery page and will be shown your accumulated rewards.

For example: If you purchase tickets within the first-period drawing, you will not generate rewards until the second-period drawing. New ticket purchases will start to accumulate rewards on the round after purchase.

Dividends do not expire/reset; you can continue accumulating rewards if you have the ticket in your wallet. However, your dividends can decrease if you hold a smaller share of tickets than the total tickets purchased.

Make sure to check the FAQ for more information.

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