Swych Token

An exciting token for an exciting ecosystem!

Say hello to Swych Token

Swych token empowers the Swych ecosystem, many features, and earning capabilities. Thanks to the Swych token, investors can take advantage of incredible earning opportunities, such as Staking and Real Yield (coming soon). With Swych, there are also incredible other features such as SuperLotto, Launchpad, and Charts. With plans to expand more each day, the Swych token is the heart of an evergrowing ecosystem. Swych will become a Protocol-owned asset that is self-sustaining and grows thanks to a cyclical flow of fees while paying real yield to the Swych holders.

The goal of the Swych Token is also to become a deflationary and key token within the DeFi space. You can read more about our specific token phases within Token Phases.

What is Swych token?

The $SWYCH token is an initially inflationary bep-20 token that empowers the investment strategies and services in the Swych ecosystem; it is designed with the latest innovative token logic to ensure stability, growth, and certainty. At the token logic's base is a traditional minting function that permits the ecosystem to deliver fixed passive and active interest through its services.

Swych token phases

Swych token will evolve after the distribution phase of the token, with the ideology of becoming a deflationary and real yield ecosystem. You can find more info in our Token Phases section.


The Swych token ensures a basic and traditional reward distribution through a Minting function. Such a feature is used in many DeFi tokens, allowing investors to furnish incentives and passive/active interests.

The Minting function is a simple code that enables token distributions with variable timings, it can mint and distribute rewards for each block of the Blockchain, or it can be triggered every moment it is needed; the simplicity of that function allows the Swych team to build out high performing services for the investors.

Swych Staking

Swych employs the use of staking, a way for you to enter your tokens in exchange for rewards. With Swych, you can receive up to 100% APY (in Swych Tokens) throughout our distribution phase. Doing this allows a passive income and growth of your Swych token, with plans to transition into Real Yield after our distribution phase. Check out more info in our Swych Staking section.

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