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Help and Troubleshooting

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Have some questions or are unsure of what to do? This might be the section for you. Read the sections below to understand Swych and Crypto as a whole.

Help sections

These are some of the best sections to get troubleshooting help and uncover some solutions to issues you may have.

Error Codes and Fixes

The Error Codes and Fixes section has a wide collection of common errors you may see when using Swych. Check the tabs for the solution and the reason behind the error to better understand it.


The FAQ section answers some common general questions you may have on Swych. Take a look around and see if it helps!

Product/Utility Questions

If you have specific questions about a product we offer or utility, go to the Features and Products section of our whitepaper. You can select the product/feature you have questions about and search within it for the answers to questions you may have.

Contact Us

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, maybe reaching out to the team/community is the next step. You can do so by heading to the Contact Us section.
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