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How to Play

Get started with Lottery

Getting Started

The lottery is fun and easy to play, with grand prizes available for all. Before getting started, read the Superlotto section, how Dividends work, and the FAQ. Remember that the lottery does not have guaranteed wins and is entirely random and fair.
The longer the lottery goes on without a winner, the larger the grand prize can become. You can enter at any point before a drawing for your chance to win. Just remember, you need to get a new ticket to be eligible to win the jackpot for each drawing.
Buying Tickets
Claiming Dividends
View Winning Numbers/Tickets
  1. 1.
    To get started with the lottery, you first need to buy a Ticket. Doing so is simple, head to the SuperLotto navigation from the menu.
2. Connect your wallet to the website to see more info and buy tickets. To do so, go to the top right corner and select Connect wallet.
3. After connecting, scroll down and select the Buy Tickets button
Note that your wallet must be connected for the Buy Tickets option to be blue.
4. You will be prompted to Buy a Random Ticket or View/Edit. You can select the quantity of tickets, and the interface will show how much it costs to buy those tickets.
View/Edit numbers will allow you to choose your numbers for the lottery. Randomized will select random numbers for you. When selecting View/Edit, tap on the numbers to change them manually for each ticket purchased. Selecting randomize will undo any manual edits.
5. Once the transaction is completed, you can close out the purchase screen, and your tickets are in your wallet!
You may need to refresh the website for tickets to reflect
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    Head to the SuperLotto section on the Swych Website to claim your dividends.
2. Ensure you Connect to Wallet by selecting that button in the right-hand corner of the website.
3. Then scroll down to Dividends, and you will see the amount you have, the pending amount, and the claim option.
Remember that dividends are earned on the round after purchase, and ensure your wallet is connected to claim rewards.
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    To view winning numbers and tickets, head to the SuperLotto section on the website.
2. Ensure you Connect Wallet in the right corner of the screen.
Information such as winning numbers or tickets may not show if you do not connect your wallet.
3. Once connected, you can see the jackpot winning amount and the Last Winning Numbers.
4. If you continue to scroll down, you can see your winning numbers, your tickets, other tickets that have won, and so on.
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