How to Stake

If you want to stake tokens on Swych, it's very easy! With Swych Staking, you will need to deposit all of your tokens to stake. To get started, you only need to follow the steps below.

  1. At the top of the page, select "Connect Wallet."

  1. Select your wallet (choose more if your wallet is not immediately listed) and follow the prompts to connect.

  2. After connecting your wallet, select "Approve Contract"

  3. You will then be greeted with a message to approve the contract, after getting this message, you can go back to the staking page.

    1. If you have MetaMask, you may see a "Spending Cap", if you do, select "Use Default" to stake. If you do not select default, you may not be able to stake tokens. Once selecting "Use Default" you should see it auto-populate a value and select next/approve.

  4. Once connected, select "Stake" and approve the staking of all your tokens.

As a reminder, you must stake all your tokens; you cannot do partial staking. If you want to add more tokens to your staking amount, you are always free to purchase more Swych and stake.

When staking on Swych, you can also benefit from a tiered referral system. Make sure to check out more about referrals here.

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