Are there limitations to what I can withdraw?

No, with token phase 1.5, ATB has been removed, allowing users to sell/withdraw as much as they would like.

Are there fees on the Swych tokens?

There are fees on sales, transfers, and stake exits. You can find more info on the exact values within Taxes and Fees.

Is there a Maximum Supply?

Swych token does not have a maximum supply during the distribution phase. However, it will be one after. That maximum supply will be calculated based on the number of tokens circulating after the distribution phase.

Can the team mint tokens at will?

The team cannot mint any tokens at will; only the contract can. The contract will only mint tokens in the circumstances such as staking.

Is the Swych token audited?

Yes, the Swych token is audited.

Is the team KYC/Doxxed?

No, the team is neither. This does not mean we will not proceed with KYC or Doxxing, but it has not been done at this time.

Where can you buy Swych tokens?

You can purchase Swych tokens directly from our exchange; check it out here.

Can I refund my Swych token?

With any purchase of Crypto, you cannot "refund" your tokens. You can, however, sell/exchange your tokens at the current market value. Refunds are not available if you accidentally purchase too much or too little or regret your investment.

Does Swych guarantee a token price?

No investment can be "guaranteed," but we promise to work on and expand on developments/factors that positively impact price.

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