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To the future
We have many exciting plans for Swych and will continue to work and develop even more. As of now, our current roadmap consists of the things below:

💵 Perpetual DEX

Swych will introduce a "Perpetual DEX," allowing users to get real yield from their staking and investments. Also able to utilize exciting new features to increase overall value.
Estimated Launch: December 4th

🪙 Swych Token Phase Two

The Swych Token ($SWYCH) is a Bep-20 token that empowers investment strategies and services within the Swych ecosystem; it is designed with the latest innovative logic to ensure stability, growth, and certainty. With Phase Two, investors can generate Real Yield from their investment with no fees (transfer, buy, or sell).
Estimated Launch: 30-60 Days after PDex

🏦 Real Yield Staking

Swych is introducing a Staking Protocol that allows users to earn Real Yield based on their investment within Swych. Until this release, the staking pool offers a Fixed Interest Staking Pool in minted tokens.
Estimated Launch: 30-60 Days after PDex

🌃 NFTs

With Swych NFTs, investors will have an additional way to earn and multiply their passive income/rewards. These NFTs will be in multiple sets, some unique in design, with others focused purely on utility. Investors can purchase them from Swych, with some NFTs specifically sold to Swych investors using tokens to buy.
Estimated Launch: Early 2024

🎰 Lottery V3

With Lottery V3, Swych aims to bring some of the largest prizes to the crypto space, all while generating income for those invested in the ecosystem.
Estimated Launch: Early 2024

🚀 Launchpad

Thanks to Swych, you can get your project listed fast and securely to thousands of people worldwide. Not only that, but you have access to a vibrant and energetic community to broadcast your project and mission statement.
We are also adding the ability to do a permissionless launchpad, meaning any project can add itself directly to our ecosystem.
Estimated Launch: 2024

🏦 Listing tokens

One of the critical components of any DEX is token listings, and we plan to add tons! However, we also want to ensure the listed projects are safe for our investors. Although we cannot prevent investors from losing money, we can vet projects for clear signs of manipulation or rugging.
Estimated Launch: 2024

🧊 Incubator project

The incubator program of Swych is thought to help projects to obtain funds, exposure, and strategic suggestions from the Swych team.
Estimated Launch: 2024

🎮 Gamification

Swych aims to provide a gamification element to the ecosystem, meaning users can battle and play with their NFTs or other assets on the Swych ecosystem. More information will come closer as a clear picture is defined for what is next.
Estimated Launch: Mid/Late 2024
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