Referral FAQ

What limits are there to the referral program?

There are no limits to the number of bonuses you get from referring new investors to the Swych Staking platform.

Do I still get a bonus if I refer someone and they don't stake it?

No, the user must stake their tokens to be eligible for a referral bonus. If someone buys Swych tokens without staking them, this will not be a referral.

Are referrals one-time bonuses?

No, you will continue to get a bonus for all your referral staking. As long as their tokens are staked, you will continue to earn; if they add more, you will get a bonus on that as well.

How is my bonus calculated?

Your bonus is calculated based on a few factors: how many tokens your referral stakes and the user's referral level. The more tokens your referral stakes, the higher the tier, and the more bonus you will receive.

Are the bonus tokens taken from my wallet? My referrals?

No, the bonus tokens are minted and not taken from your wallet or referrals. Rest assured that nothing is removed from either of your wallets.

If that user staked without using your link, you would not get the referral bonus, so let them know to follow the link fully!

Can I refer someone who is/has already staked?

You cannot get a referral bonus for any wallet that has a Swych Staking history, no matter the amount or timeframe.

Do I get rewards if I only refer one person, but they refer hundreds?

Yes! Even if you only refer one person, you can still earn bonuses from your own referrals. Granted that the bonus will be smaller (tier 2, tier 3), you could potentially only refer one person and continue earning forever!

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