Start your project on Swych

Swych will open its doors to allow new projects to launch on our platform!

Launch on the Swych Launchpad

Fixed Price

Launch your project with a fixed price and get the most out of your initial launch. We will work with your project to ensure that the pricing you set is the price new investors pay.


Want to add whitelisting as an option? Not a problem; you can ensure that only specific users have access to an initial offering of your tokens. Whitelisting allows you more control over who gets the best price and also means you can reward dedicated supporters.

More control

With Swych, we want you to have more control and less worry about fees. We give you the tools you need, the security of our exchange, and access to our vibrant community.

Let's talk fees!

When using the Swych Launchpad, you will have a small fee to get started. Swych takes a fee off the BNB and total tokens released; let's see the breakdown below: 1% of the total BNB deposited.

1% of the total tokens that are released for the presale.

There are no additional charges aside from these fees, and your token benefits from the trading fee burns we do as well! Even if you want to add whitelisting, we don't charge you anything extra.

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