Common questions

Here are some common questions you may ask or have regarding Swych!

Is Swych part of Titano?

Swych and Titano are within the same ecosystem. Although they have different use cases and branding, they both work together to provide investors value and opportunity. With the ecosystem we are building, Titano plays a key element in the future of Swych, just as Swych plays an element in Titano.

Will Swych add more features?

Of course, it will! The vision of Swych is never ending, meaning we will continue to listen to feedback and adapt to ensure we become the best DEX in Crypto. As of now, we have plans to add Farming, Incubator, Launchpad, and so on!

Why should I use Swych?

We take priority of our users and community, meaning we understand that keeping fees low, listening to feedback, and adapting are all values we hold deep. Swych's vision is to create a wide ecosystem for investors to use, benefitting new and old coins and providing top-notch support/communication.

Is Swych a Fork?

Swych is a fork of PancakeSwap, but that's not bad. We take all of the good and leave all the bad, meaning we improve on what can be improved. This includes the way we collect fees, how we sell our fees, how we interact with our token listings/holders, and how we keep you secure.

Since Swych is based on PCS, the code is extremely secure to ensure all your transactions are safe.

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