Swych Fee Revenue

Where do the fees go?

Swych, like many other exchanges, has a fee structure that allows us to sustain our operation costs while allocating a percentage of those fees to investors on the platform, as outlined in the Perpetual Exchange Fees section.

Fee Distribution

Revenue is distributed from fees collected on the platform. With each collection of fees, the percent below is divided into these areas.

As we strive to add more LP to the PDex, a larger chunk currently goes to the LP

  • Treasury = 5%

    Wallet Address: 0x6560eD767D6003D779F60BCCD2d7B168Cd4a1583
  • Lottery = 10%

    Wallet Address: 0x6560eD767D6003D779F60BCCD2d7B168Cd4a1583
  • Investors = 35%

    Wallet Address: 0x9A6A5Aed7e4F4454AA89517AFdbBaE9EAD0FA59a
  • Pdex Liquidity = 50%

    Wallet Address: 0xeAb99e4a85ec8df07914e19A9aa14928043Ca78A

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