Common questions on ATB

When does the ten-day period start?

After you make your first withdrawal, your ten-day period will start. After the tenth full day, you can take out up to 20%.

Does ATB stack?

No, it does not. Meaning if you do not withdraw for 20 days, you cannot take out additional tokens past up to 20% every 10 days.
Example: If you are eligble to take 20% every ten days, but only take 10% within the ten day period, you cannot take an additional ten percent in the next ATB period.

What if I move my tokens to another wallet?

If you move your tokens to another wallet, there is a 35% transfer fee.

Can I move my tokens to a different wallet (Ledger, Trezor, etc.) without being taxed?

Yes, as long as the wallet has 0 Swych tokens, you can transfer your tokens without any fees. However, when doing so, you cannot sell for 10 days.

Is there a tax when withdrawing tokens and selling?

Yes, there will be a 10% tax anytime you withdraw and sell tokens.

Do I need to take my ATB all at once?

No, you can take your ATB in portions if you would prefer, but after the tenth full day, the entire ATB limit will reset and not stack.