Available Trading Balance (ATB)

Limiting sell pressure
ATB, or Available Trading Balance, is a key part of the Swych Tokens' initial distribution phase. This specific element of Swych tokens allows users to sell a set amount of tokens every ten days. ATB acts as an Anti-Dump protection for investors while allowing you to take a healthy amount of tokens out to trade.
ATB is dependent on your token amount in comparison to the Liquidity Pool. The more tokens you have, the fewer tokens you can take out within the ten days, and vice versa.
Example: An investor with a majority of the tokens within Swych may only take 1% every ten days, as compared to a smallholder who can take up to 20% every ten days.
  • ATB: 2%-20% (every 10 days)
  • ATB Transfer Fee: 35%
If you are eligble to take 20% of tokens every 10 days, you do not need to do so all at once. For example, you can take 10% on day one, 4% on day five, and 6% on day ten. The period will then reset after the tenth full day since your first withdraw.