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Welcome to Swych
The DeFi sector is increasingly broad, full of opportunities and innovations that often lead to complex investment strategies that are difficult to understand and manage. The Swych team considered it more than necessary to create an ecosystem encompassing most of the protocols and strategies in the sector, such as Decentralized Tokens, Liquidity Pools, DEX, Perpetual Exchange, launchpad, staking, and yielding farms solutions.
The creation of the Swych ecosystem brings a new type of strategy to DeFi that takes the best from the traditional ones, which are then improved by solutions designed to increase the simplicity, the level of security, and the return of the investment strategy.
The Swych ecosystem is structured so that the user/investor can easily access improved investment strategies, DeFi Tools, and a platform that aims to become the all-in-one of DeFi. Check out what we have to offer below!

Trading on Swych


Unlike exchanges such as or Binance, Swych doesn't make you jump through hoops to connect your wallet. Instead, we are a decentralized exchange that allows you to connect any BSC-supported wallet to trade instantly.
This means your tokens are yours, having complete control over them instead of being locked behind centralized exchange rules.

Liquidity pools

On Swych, you can participate and benefit from Liquidity Pools (LP). Liquidity Pools allow you to deposit easily funds and benefit from the fees generated by the trading activities (See DEX Liquidity).

Native Token

With the Swych ecosystem, we are proud to share the Swych Token! $SWYCH is the pillar of the various investment strategies in the ecosystem; it can be used in many ways and is based on the best token logic, making it a crucial part for Swych users and investors.
Purchase Swych tokens today at Swych.Finance!


Swych, unlike other exchanges, focuses significantly on community and our engagement with all of you. Thanks to our token Titano, we have built strong relationships with thousands of people worldwide and continue to do so.
We listen and learn from all of you, creating a place to share your thoughts, knowledge, and feedback. Our community is our heart and soul, and we could not accomplish the goals we have set forth without the fantastic people we have met along the way.


We understand that fees can be strenuous in a world of growing inflation, so we aim to keep them as low and competitive as possible, not only for the investor but also for the incredible projects that choose to list on Swych.
Of course, being on the Binance Smart Chain also means getting some of the lowest gas fees.

Launching on Swych


Thanks to Swych, you can get your project up and running with a click of a few buttons. Your project can freely organize a pre-sale launch with a fixed price and benefit from the community announcement and the simplicity of hosting a pre-sale with Swych (coming soon).
Have a project you want to list? Contact us and let us know.

Competitive fees

We strive to ensure that Swych has the best incentives compared to other DEXs; this means more money for your project. We only take a percentage of the trading to help keep things moving smoothly and ensure that we don't "dump" any of the fees we have gained on your project.

Burning native tokens

When fees are collected on the Swych DEX, all native tokens collected in the fees are burned. There is no worry of unexpected "dumps" from us selling your token, as we burn your tokens instead. This means that Swych helps your project to become deflationary without you doing anything additional.

Features on Swych

Fixed Staking Pool

Fixed Staking Pool is an easy solution that enables $SWYCH token holders to generate a fixed passive income by simply depositing $SWYCH (see Swych Staking).

Fixed APY Yielding Farms

Fixed APY Yielding Farms, investors can benefit from a new and performing Yielding farm type protocol that offers a Fixed APY and high standard ROI (Return On Investment) (see Swych Fixed APY farms).

Insurance Fund

An emergency fund is secured for all the users that may lose funds due to a vulnerability of the Swych ecosystem. Feel safe knowing that the Swych team is here to help in case of unforeseen events such as those.

More and more!

We have so much in the works and also so much already here. Read more on all areas, such as Farming or our Swych Token.
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